The South African Genocide Has Been Blacked Out By The Media

What is Genocide?

“The deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.”

Who is Under Attack?

South African Child Rape Victim

How could this child possibly be guilty of Apartheid or anything related to it?

European descended (Boer) South African citizens are being singled out for brutal beatings, rapes and murders, this is especially true for rural citizens, farmers and their families.
  • 20℅ of the ethnic minority population live in squatter camps, that’s over 800,000 people and that number increases 7.5% every year.
  • The government of South Africa has enacted laws that specifically target the ethnic minorities making it illegal to employ them thus forcing these folks into homelessness
  • Since 1994 10% of all farmers have been murdered
The government has implemented several ordinances in an attempt to hide the true number of victims by mis-categorizing as well as concealing true crime statistics.

Why is This Happening?

Propaganda and hate speech from several radical groups as well as the ruling ANC government incite violence toward the white population in South Africa. There is strong circumstantial evidence that the government of South Africa is directly responsible for the killing. Many politicians openly endorse the killing of whites by publicly referring to the European descended SA citizens as settlers and colonists even though these citizens families have been in South Africa for over 400 years. There is strong circumstantial evidence that suggests that the government itself employs hit squads to murder elderly farmers. The crimes are especially brutal in an attempt to terrorize the neighboring farming community to leave their land.

 Media Blackout

The South African Genocide has been subjected to an almost total media Blackout. If any media organizations  give this ethnic cleansing any coverage they spin the story to seem like the issue is normal crime. However there is nothing normal about the seemingly endless torture of women and children. The torture and brutality of the attacks are never mentioned by news organizations. In fact reporters go out of their way to track down extreme right wing groups to interview thus giving the public the perception that these crimes are only happening to racist white men. I ask anyone to tell me what innocent children have to do with any form of repression or racism? What could possibly justify the extreme nature of violence towards women?